By Potty Buddy Team Published June 27, 2024
4 min
Papillon Dog
Papillon outdoors
Papillon lying on bench
Close-up of Papillon
Black, brown and white Papillon
Papillon posing for camera
Papillon outdoors in breeze
Papillon running across field
Close up of Papillon tongue
Papillon puppy licking adult Papillon's nose
Papillon looking up
Papillon catching frisbee
Two Papillons sitting on decking
Papillon tilting head at camera
Papillon standing on hind legs
Papillon eating from food bowl
Papillon running through field with ears pinned
Papillon sniffing bush
Papillon lying in pet carrier
Papillon smiling at camera
Worried looking Papillon puppy
Papillon panting with tongue out
Papillon puppies in studio
Young Papillon posing for camera
Papillon puppy biting thumb
Papillon chewing toy